Web-Based Venture Money

By John K. Romano

Soft cover - $22.95+ S&H
ISBN 0-9703547-0-3
6 x 9, 237 pages, glossary, index
Publication date January, 2005
Category: Business/Finance

Capital is the rocket fuel of a high-tech economy. The problem is most business money sources act as if they are still in the industrial age when it comes to financing in the high tech Information economy. If you're an early stage or emerging growth company, traditional funding outlets may be uninterested in you.

Web-based Venture Money is a concise introduction to implementing an Internet Direct Public Offering (an offering done without the assistance of a security broker). Recently enacted changes in the U.S. securities laws now allow small business owners to carry out Do-it-yourself Direct Public Offerings. Don't miss out on this important information. Today a growing number of independent investors are going on-line to find equity opportunities. Put yourself in the drivers seat when it comes to raising money and learn to use the power of the Internet to raise money and promote your business.

This book will show you:

  • What the process is
  • What the rules are

This book will also:

  • Help you determine if your company or product idea qualifies
  • Explain a step-by-step strategy for Internet based capital formation
  • Give you the necessary State and Federal contacts to begin
  • Provide you with all the necessary tools and legal forms required to implement your own Direct Public Offering

The Internet revolution has leveled the playing field for businesses of all kinds; discover how to harness its power to raise money and take your own company public.


"John Romano's book, Web-Based Venture Money, is a great service to entrepreneurs who feel limited by the traditional structures for accessing capital."

                                                                                                                                Drew Field, Author: Direct Public Offerings

"Romano does a good job of explaining general financial terms and processes one needs to know to raise equity capital for small businesses."

                                                                                                 Richard J. Stapleton, PH.D. Professor, Georgia Southern University

About the author:

John K. Romano is a former Wall Street investment banker and current president of Virtual Capital Group. COM Inc., a Miami based Internet Incubator, Mr. Romano has been consulting with corporations and their business advisors on applying high-tech capital raising alternatives for over ten years.