Marketing and Public Relations skills are vital ingredients to the Direct Public Offering. In order to market your DPO to the investment community; packaging, pricing, promotion and distribution channels for your stock play just as an important role as they do when you sell your product or service. Unlike a conventional Initial Public Offering, which is usually capitalized in advance by an Investment Banker, Direct Public Offering candidates must "bootstrap" their own public offering. Virtual Capital Group can provide you with guidance in marketing and public relations, however we do not involve ourselves in the actual distribution of your companies securities as would a licensed broker/dealer. Traditional marketing efforts may include broadcast radio, print ads, trade show appearances, and road shows. Internet marketing can be conveniently hyper-linked right from the company's current Web site.

On-line public relations, paid per click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), electronic press releases, and banner advertising are all elements Virtual Capital Group uses to guide you in creating a successful Internet DPO. Our firm realizes that investors are a different marketing target altogether. Accordingly, Virtual Capital Group formulates a unique Internet-based marketing strategy and public relations campaign.

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